Ware Residents Against Stansted Expansion
"Campaigning for clear skies over our town and highlighting the issues of noise and air pollution caused by low flying aircraft."
Ware Residents Against Stansted Expansion

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Send a Strong Message to Ministers
On the Ryanair homepage there is currently a campaign to give away a million free tickets if you write to Gordon Brown complaining about the air tax increases.

WRASE thought this was a good idea and suggest you do the same complaining the Tax doesn't go far enough.

click here to send an email to Gordon Brown.

Welcome To WRASE

WRASE is an association of residents from Ware and neighbouring villages in Hertfordshire.

We care passionately that our countryside is being damaged by the continued development of airports and air travel in the South East of England. The voices of those who care about these issues are easily overwhelmed by big businesses. We believe that in order for our voices to be heard we need to be resourceful, organised and persistent.

This site will tell you more about our concerns, what we are doing about them, and how you can help or join us.