Ware Residents Against Stansted Expansion

"Campaigning for clear skies over our town and highlighting the
issues of noise and air pollution caused by low flying aircraft."


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WRASE take protest to Westminster
Two WRASE delegates met with Mark Prisk MP at Portcullis House, Westminster on Thursday June 29 to discuss how we can take our case further. Mr Prisk is very supportive of WRASE and endorsed our campaign as being realistic and well managed. He encouraged us to continue being both professional and persistent in our struggle to introduce Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) for planes flying over Ware.

Mr Prisk agreed to help WRASE in a number of areas, including writing to the Minister for Aviation asking why BAA at Stansted are not reporting arrivals flying over Ware in their CDA statistics and he will obtain a copy of the NATS airspace review of the south east. CDAs mean “higher for longer” and are encouraged by most aviation bodies and in Ware at present we suffer because they are not used. Their introduction would be a win/win because residents would be happy, airlines would use less fuel and aircraft would not just be moved somewhere else. WRASE are committed to banging this drum loudly and persistently to drown out the noise of approaching aircraft and to make sure Ware is treated fairly and ignored no longer.

BAA Noise team come to Ware
Representatives of BAA Stansted and NATS were welcomed to the Priory when they came to Ware last Thursday, 11 May, to listen to the concerns and growing number of complaints about aircraft noise over our town. WRASE are very peased that BAA have taken the time to come and listen to us and tell us about noise and complaint monitoring at Stansted.

WRASE estimate that nearly 200 people visited the seminar and most of these signed our petition to increase the heights that planes fly over our town. Unfortunately many of you left the presentation without clear ideas about action on lessening the noise, although it was "good to talk".

WRASE understand that there is a review of airspace taking place shortly which will provide an opportunity to change flight paths across the whole region. It seems unlikely that we'll see any changes in flight paths before 2009 and even then there are no guarantees. WRASE are not satisfied with this information. We will continue to fight for shorter term changes to heights of planes and methods of approach around Ware. We still need as much support as possible to achieve this so please, everyone who cares about this issue, don't accept the current clamour and help us to change it. You can help us by signing our petition, complaining regularly to BAA, and telling us if you would like to help us in any other ways.

More subsidies for Stansted from council tax?
COUNCIL tax bills may increase if Stansted Airport does not pay Essex Police the £6.7 million it costs to police the airport. A disagreement over policing levels that are needed for the site means Stansted Airport Limited (STAL), a subsidiary of BAA, are refusing to reimburse the £6.7 million cost of policing the airport last year and this year. Essex Police say that the £5.7 million that STAL have offered is insufficient to cover the costs of policing the airport. Essex Police said: "After years of discussions with the airport, where all of the costing data was shared with STAL, the financial negotiations have sadly broken down.