Ware Residents Against Stansted Expansion

"Campaigning for clear skies over our town and highlighting the
issues of noise and air pollution caused by low flying aircraft."


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WRASE are dedicated to safeguarding the quality of life which is threatened by the development of airports in the region, in particular Stansted, for residents of Ware and neighbouring communities.

WRASE believe that the quality of life is adversely affected by aircraft noise and pollution, road congestion and loss of greenbelt and the diversion of resources (for example rail services) needed to support airport growth.

We fully support the activities of Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE), believing as they do that further airport growth is unnecessary. A significant number of the airplanes using Stansted are budget airlines and neither they nor their passengers are paying sufficiently for the environmental costs of their travel. Further airport growth and air traffic should not be subsidised by shopping centres and car parks at the airport.

At the same time we think that there are also issues specific to our local neighbourhood that will be best addressed by tackling them through a local association in addition to the actions of SSE. These issues include in particular the low flying aircraft that pass over and near to our town. We do not believe it is necessary for planes at this distance from the airport to follow such a low flight path over residential communities.

WRASE will pursue initiatives of specific local relevance to Ware, in particular tackling the issue of low flying aircraft over the town. We do not believe it should be necessary for aircraft to overfly our town lower than 4000 feet.

We have all complained on many occasions to BAA Stansted and other authorities, but unfortunately have thus far received no evidence that our complaints are being acted upon. We have therefore decided to form a local group in order to co-ordinate complaints and suggestions made to BAA and others and to ensure that we our voices stand most chance of being heard.

Our group is small but we are already aware of a large body of local support. We will do out utmost to publicise our concerns and activities to a broader audience.

WRASE activities will operate inside the law and we will: Gather information and facts to support our campaign.